eText UI Redesign

UI/UX, HTML/CSS, graphic design

eText is an online textbook resource built from the ground up to support screen readers and other assistive technologies, and be accessed from any device. During my time with the company, we were used by thousands of students at the University of Illinois.

As part of a small development team, I was initially hired to convert textbooks from non-interactive PDFs and other texts into content-rich eBooks, which typically involved typesetting, cover artwork, and the creation of other supplemental graphics within the books themselves.

However, the need for a redesign of eText's interface was pitched soon after. While my work converting never stopped, the redesign became my focus.

project image project image project image

I redesigned the eText interface and built a functional and responsive version with HTML and CSS. This was then passed to our development team for additional functionality and testing. Pictured above is a sample of the cover artwork I was creating at the same time while working with professors to convert their textbooks.

project image project image

Easy-to-use mobile functionality was the ultimate goal of the project, we knew we could better serve the students at the university if they had access to their textbooks without the need for a laptop.

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